I'm a recovering internet aggregator.

For too long now I’ve harrassed and harried those closest to me with an increasingly “eclectic” (read:“What the hell is this already?”) stream of links to pit stops on the information superhighway, be they articles I think are of interest or arrestingly funny things about cats or nihilism.

Today it occurred to me that with so many rich tools available on the line, and especially as I so highly value the asynchronicity with which people can communicate using them (read: “I’m not in the right mood now and I’ll be grumpy if you require me to stop my Important Thing ™ to read about the future of humanity”), there is a better way.

Starting today I’m going to begin collecting these curios in one Dropbox Paper document per person. It’ll give me a chance to see what Dropbox Paper’s about, and will allow me to manage a pretty diverse set of rich media. One of the things I appreciate about Slack is its fetching a preview of most links and such, and embedding playable video, so no one needs to open another thing to enjoy the stuff. Essentially, I’m recreating the tumblelog but in a more-intimate, bespoke way. At least until I get tired of it (read: “It’s the internet I can’t get tired of it”).

If I’m truly industriously ambitious—or ambitiously industrious—I’ll make some kind of hack tool that lets me do this very quickly. But this is unlikely! The more time I spend making things, the more of the internet that just rushes by, unseen, unloved, lonely.


My name is Daniel Black. I am on the internet in several places, including Twitter and Tumblr. I am a person. I am a father and a husband. I have a degree in mathematics. I ruminate about thinking and writing and how to make decisions.

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